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Since 1989, Lee Carroll has shared the messages of Kryon with the world.
As the Original Kryon Channel, he has authored 17 books, published in an incredible 24 languages. Lee is considered one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people"
by the prestigious Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine.

April 2024

April 21 - May 1, 2024 - KRYON MONUMENT VALLEY TOUR
The Valley of the Ancients is Calling
Arizona & Utah, USA

KryonMV-tour-banner2024 600x298.jpg

A Profound Intimate Kryon Journey into Stillness and Healing!

An exceptional one-of-a-kind tour to a sacred indigenous land with Lee Carroll and KRYON, Monika Muranyi and Elan Cohen. A most profoundly healing Kryon tour!

Find the Ancient within YOU and experience the awe inspiring breathtaking beauty of this sacred land of GAIA, Mother Earth, or Nihimá Nahasdzáán as it is called by the Navajos.

3 pic NEW_9.4.23.jpg

Teachings & Channelings by Lee Carroll / KRYON
Teachings & Meditations by Monika Muranyi
Meditations by Elan Cohen

June 2024


Teachings – Meditations – Channelings – Excursions –

Crystal Mining – Toning – Music – Healings


The region of Hot Springs, Arkansas has been identified by KRYON as one of the twelve major NODES of the planet. It holds sacred energy that is amplified by one of the largest crystalline deposits found within the Earth. Think of it like an upside-down crystal mountain that vibrates with multidimensional energy filled with benevolence. The crystals are broadcasting a message, and the message is that you can rewrite your future.

Speakers pic.jpg

Join Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, Anders Holte, Cacina Meadu and Elan Cohen, for a powerful four-day retreat on one of the twelve major NODES of the planet.

Venue Location: Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa,

Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

November 2024

The ONLY Kryon event in Canada in 2024!

Saturday November 23, 2024 KRYON RETURNS TO EDMONTON!
Teachings – Meditations – Channelings – Healing

Kryon is returning to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to bring you new messages, energies, balance, harmony, love, healing and joy!

Lee and Monika will give enlightening teachings from KRYON and – of course – KRYON meditation and channelings; the organizer Elan Cohen will guide us in meditations.

Venue Location:
Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton
7621–101 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T6A 0J6

3 pic NEW_9.4.23.jpg

Join Lee CarrollMonika Muranyi and Elan Cohen, for a magnificent one-full day Kryon Meeting in beautiful Edmonton!

December 2024

Sunday December 22, 2024 THE RETURN OF THE KRYON HOME ROOM

Teachings – Meditations – Channelings – Astrology – Toning – Healing


Venue Location:
Anaheim Marriott Hotel
Anaheim, CA, USA

We are returning to the Kryon Home Room Christmas Celebration to bring you new messages, energies, balance, harmony, love, healing, joy and magic!

Lee and Monika will give enlightening teachings from KRYON and of course, KRYON mediation and channeling, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys will share his latest discoveries, healings and Lemurian toning, Michelle Karen the quantum Astrologer will give us her predictions for the new year and Elan Cohen our master of ceremonies will guide us

in meditations.

You may even want to plan ahead and also visit Disneyland Park to add to this magical experience!

Join Lee CarrollMonika MuranyiDr. Todd OvokaitysMichelle Karen and Elan Cohen, for a magnificent one-day Kryon Christmas Celebration!

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