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Q: When are the Free Healing Wednesdays?

A: The first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm Pacific Time. 

Q: Where can I find the replays of the FREE programs?

Q: How can I subscribe for ALL the Healing programs each Wednesday?

Q: How much does a subscription to Healing Wednesday’s cost?

A: $55 a month. 

Q: Where are the replays of the SUBSCRIBER’S programs?

A: Replays for susbcribers are posted in the subscriber portal. 

Q: Will all the Healing Wednesdays programs be available for replay?

A: All of them are available for subscribers. Only the FREE once-a-month ones will be available for everyone.

Q: Can I pick which month I want to buy Healing Wednesday?

A: No. It is a monthly subscription and cannot be purchased individually.

Q: Where can I get the music that I hear on Healing Wednesdays?

A: The music is proprietary production music, licensed for Healing Wednesdays (copyrighted). Unfortunately it is not available to the public.  However, there is a 40 minute version of this music available anytime for the members in the subscribers portal.

Q: What are the benefits of being a subscriber to Healing Wednesday’s?

A:  1.  3 more programs a month, featuring a Keynote healer each Wednesday.

       2.  Access to an ever-increasing replay list, as often as you wish.

      3.  Membership to private FACEBOOK groups - a true family.

     4.  Access to any special videos (such as the Circle of Twelve music meditation).
          More coming.

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