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Profound Kryon Tours 

The Kryon tours are beginning to be seen as some of the most profound and magical metaphysical adventures available today. Each one is planned over two years in advance and is presented in detail on pages linked to the below announcements. Private free time is often offered in some of the most sacred and historical places on the planet.


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Kryon Cuba Tour
For The First Time Ever!

Land – History – Culture – People – Music – Food

January 19-28, 2024

Cuba, Havana & Trinidad

Kryon is going to Cuba for 10 days and you do not want to miss this adventure!

AMERICANS LOOK! This Cuba tour is legal for Americans under the Support for the Cuban People program managed by Cultural Island Travel, a tour agency specializing in Cuba travel, contracted via Shaloha Productions.

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Channelings by Lee Carroll / KRYON
Ceremony & Meditations by Monika Muranyi
Meditations by Elan Cohen

NOTE: Lee Carroll with Monika Muranyi will be touring with the group and Channelling Kryon from January 19-23, 2024 during the Havana portion. Elan Cohen will be continuing to lead the group with meditations during the tour portion to Trinidad from January 24-28, 2024

Shaloha Productions
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Kryon Monument Valley Tour
The Valley of the Ancie
nts is Calling!
A Profound Intimate Kryon Journey into Stillness and Healing!

April 21 – May 1, 2024

Arizona & Utah, USA

An exceptional one-of-a-kind tour to a sacred indigenous land with Lee Carroll and KRYON, Monika Muranyi and Elan Cohen. A most profoundly healing Kryon tour!

Find the Ancient within YOU and experience the awe inspiring breathtaking beauty of this sacred land of GAIA, Mother Earth, or Nihimá Nahasdzáán as it is called by the Navajos.

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Teachings & Channelings by Lee Carroll / KRYON
Teachings & Meditations by Monika Muranyi
Meditations by Elan Cohen

Tour Operator
Goulding’s Lodge & Tours

Shaloha Productions

Kryon Krystal Adventure
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Teachings – Meditations – Channelings – Excursions –
Crystal Mining – Toning – Music – Healings

June 7-10, 2024

The region of Hot Springs, Arkansas has been identified by KRYON as one of the twelve major NODES of the planet. It holds sacred energy that is amplified by one of the largest crystalline deposits found within the Earth. Think of it like an upside-down crystal mountain that vibrates with multidimensional energy filled with benevolence. The crystals are broadcasting a message, and the message is that you can rewrite your future.

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Join Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, Anders Holte, Cacina Meadu and Elan Cohen, for a powerful four-day retreat on one of the twelve major NODES of the planet.

Shaloha Productions

Venue Location:
Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Shaloha Productions
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